Our Firm

Oasis Global Partners was founded out of the ashes of the credit crisis and great recession of the previous decade. From 2009 through 2011 we criss-crossed almost three dozen cities and towns across the United States to study the market dynamics in the distressed property sector. In 2010, we made small pilot investments in the residential and commercial property foreclosures across Phoenix and Las Vegas under the entity named Cactus Fund Inc.

In 2014 we started specializing in both raw and covered land plays capitalizing on the unique dynamic available in these young but fast growing geographies. Our first formal partnership fund was called Land Partners Inc and it focused on acquiring parcels which large (often publicly traded) home builders would find attractive for subdivision development.

In 2017, understanding that Las Vegas was under sustained strong demographic and economic growth, further supported by inflationary Central banking policies, our firm formed LVSM Incorporated. This private equity entity was used to acquire $86M USD worth of prime blue-chip parcels situated adjacent to the famed Las Vegas Tourist strip. The location also is the gateway into the heavily traffic’ed Chinatown zone now considered a prime food & beverage district by restauranteurs of all global cuisines.

Our unique development-oriented investment strategy provides our Oasis group’s members with returns that can often exceed the local market and enables our capital to be diversified into assets that also benefit from scarcity value. We have demonstrated market experience in selecting the right fast growing regional markets to participate in, and productively placing capital into assets which provide appropriate risk-reward balance alongside multiple exit options.  We treasure the relationships we have built over the years with our members and partners because they are the ones who enabled us to secure the some of the best opportunities as the market expanded.