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2016 Oasis Macro Bets

EN 英语 – 中文 (CN) One month into 2016, we at Oasis Partners have more or less decided where we will focus our attention and energy to stay ahead of the markets.   Today we will highlight where we are betting and also identify key events that will trigger further action from our team.  As always, our aim […]

Al’s 2015 list of top market surprises

Swiss Franc devaluation http://uk.businessinsider.com/switzerlands-central-bank-lost-51-billion-and-the-franc-crashed-04-2015-7 China prevents everyone from selling any stock. Oil drops as expected, but crashes with little rest to below $40 Gold doesn’t crash with the other commodities Chinese RMB weakening caught many by surprise, but not us at Oasis partners as we have been prepared for this since 2 years ago.

法拉第电动车 10 亿美元在美建厂

腾讯科技讯 12 月 10 日,国外媒体报道,由乐视创始人兼 CEO 贾跃亭资助的美国电动车初创公司 Faraday Future 已选定在美国内华达州建造其美国工厂,并计划投资 10 亿美元。 贾跃亭在一封致内华达州立法机构的信件中称:” 我们希望在北拉斯维加斯市投资 10 亿美元,建立我们的首个制造工厂,预计可为内华达州创造 4500 个就业机会。” 当前,汽车制造商正在为电动车型如何获利而苦思冥想。但 Faraday Future 却表示,他们不仅要在电动汽车上赚钱,还要通过各种应用订阅和信息方面获利。 据悉,Faraday Future 计划在下月于拉斯维加斯召开的国际消费电子展 ( CES ) 上发布一款概念车,并在 2017 年正式推出首款电动汽车。 到目前为止,Faraday Future 尚未公布公司的 CEO 身份,也没有确认其电池供应商。Faraday Future 是最新一家由中资支持、在美国研发电动汽车的创业公司,之前的两家分别是 Karma Automotive 和 Atieva。 Faraday Future 预计,今年年底前公司员工数量将达到 500 人。据 LinkedIn 信息显示,Faraday Future 现已招募了 60 名前特斯拉员工,包括负责研发和工程的高级副总裁尼克 · 桑普森 […]

Managing uncertainty, fear, bias when entering new markets

EN    中文 CHINESE In this weekend’s digest, lets focus on identifying opportunities to stay ahead of the markets and the public ‘herd’ by looking for unpopular sectors.  And in particular, identifying the art of getting accustomed to the emotional discomforts of running an investment position temporarily unpopular to the mainstream.  In essence, it is about overcoming conventional […]